Wild Geese Music Of The Celtic Countries

When I first heard them, I couldnt believe these guys were Dutch, I thought that only a Scottish band could sound like that! --Folk Music Productions.

With their roots firmly embedded in the traditional music of Scotland & Ireland, Wild Geese have developed an electrifying style of playing the music that they love.

They sing songs that tell of Witches, Knights, Selkies and many other mythical creatures, they then blend these together with Reels, Jigs and Folk Rock.

A Wild Geese concert will take you on a journey through the mists and mountains of Scotland and Ireland, where the land is both wild and beautiful.

It is a subtle mixture of the old blended with the new, that creates a sound which is a unique musical experience.
Tunes and songs are played on a wide variety of musical instruments and are fused together with the haunting sound of the Bagpipes.

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